The Queen of Clean takes her comedy to a new level as she refines (if you can use that word with Chonda!) her stand-up and brings down the house as she has fun with fairy tales, her up close and personal view of NASCAR racing and the Greatest Story Ever Told. As usual, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh again - sometimes all at the same time! Has Chonda got a story for you!

Special Edition Features:

  • All-new, feature-length special as Chonda looks back at her life before and during the filming of the DVD with stories and events she has never before shared with her fans!
  • Links on the disc to download the audio from the film - an exclusive to owners of this special edition! Now you can listen to Chonda on CD or any mobile device!
  • Chonda Laugh-Tones. Just load on your phone and Chonda will tell you when you have a call and who is calling!
  • Desktop Pictures - Put Chonda on your computer!
  • Sneak Peek at the new Chonda movie - a clip only available on this special edition! A new and different clip on every Chonda Special Edition DVD!
$ 9.99